The second chapter of Festival of Wax is here, the series of Horror vignettes written years ago and resurrected  on twine this Hallowe'en! 

This time: the haunted forest, a mysterious manor, and a seriously messed up moon. Was it a good to wander off alone into the brambles? Is that something a responsible person would do? What's with the candle stuff, and when does the festival stuff start? 

And seriously, what the hell is going on with the moon? 

Every episode of Festival of Wax is standalone, but only if you don't mind things being seriously surreal! If you want it to only be 90% confusing and strange instead of 100%, it's probably a good idea to do chapter 1 first.

Three more to go! 

Happy Hallowe'en and, as always, thanks for reading! 

cw: light blood, disorientation, arachnophobia, claustrophobia, surreal imagery and general spooky nonsense. Suitable for anyone that likes a good, very weird, ghost story - not violent, not sexual in any way.  

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