Festival of Wax is a five-part Twine game that grew out of a fiction project I designed several years ago, because I was compelled by dark and malevolent forces outside of my control (and also some friends).

It's a number of little second-person Horror vignettes, strung together with a candle-wick of continuity. Each chapter will take about 15 minutes or a touch more, depending on how quickly you read, with the whole thing likely totaling a bit over an hour. Things get weird fast: this originally took the form of a series of blog posts with polls and tarot-card readings that determined the plot. People made some... choices.

This is the result of those readings and decisions.

Festival of Wax isn't violent and it isn't disturbing, but it is very, very strange. 

Now, because I do as the spirits command, it exists as a spooky internet book. Pick your favourite spooky music and dive in: the longest Hallowe'en of your life is only getting started <3

cw: claustrophobia, light body horror, thalassophobia and eventually a number of other textbook PG-13 fears. Suitable for anyone reading in the dark, preferably before October 31st.

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